None Spreader Bar Hammocks (Classic)

Our Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks provide the ultimate comfort and flexibility, as they don't have a wooden bar that goes across the ropes. This allows the hammock to conform to your body, making it easier to shield yourself from the sun or a chilly breeze. They're also more accessible than spreader bar hammocks and can even be used as a chair! If you need help choosing the perfect hammock for you, we offer several resources to assist you, including our popular video, hammock finder tool, filter options, and expert customer service.

    12 years experience

    Our love for hammocks inspired us to establish Simply Hammocks in 2010, where we sell the world's finest hammocks. We are dedicated to selling only hammocks that meet our high standards and that we would personally own ourselves. After bringing happiness to thousands of gardens throughout the USA, we are proud to call ourselves experts in all things hammock. All of our hammocks come with a 12-month warranty and free delivery, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.