Can you leave hammocks outside?

Leaving hammocks outside

Here at Simply Hammocks we often get asked if you can leave your hammock outside. It's a great question since most of us use our hammocks in the garden and when the weather turns the last thing you want to do is bring it in again. So can hammocks be left outside

Well, the answer is pretty much yes, however, keep reading...

Brazilian Cotton Hammocks
Most of our hammocks are made from Brazilian cotton, a traditional fabric that was used by tribes of the rain forest to make the very first hammocks. So they're at home in moist conditions, but it's still not recommended that they are left outside permanently.

We tend to advise our customers to bring them in during periods of sustained bad weather (and too much sun as it can fade the hammock). This will stop mould forming which will weaken the cotton over time. However, they'll be fine with the odd rain shower as long as they have dried properly afterwards.

It's also recommended that you hand wash your hammock regularly as this will keep it in the best condition. 

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Hammock Rain Cover

Amazonas Hammock Weatherproof Cover

EllTex Hammocks
If you are looking for a hammock that loves the rain then check out our Weatherproof EllTex hammocks, which stands for Extra Long Lasting Textile. EllTex is a special mix of cotton and polyester that can be left outside in the rain and sun. It hardly fades, is extremely tear proof even after repeatedly getting wet. Despite these weather resistant properties, it's still snug and soft like cotton.

Silk Hammocks
Silk Hammocks are naturally very strong and also very light. They make perfect hammocks for travelling but if you do decide to leave it out then it is somewhere in between a Cotton and EllTex hammock for endurance.

We use parachute silk, which is the same material used in today's modern parachutes so by its very nature they're extremely strong.

Hammock USA

Wooden Hammock Stands
Most of our stands are made from European Spruce Wood. It's a high-quality wood, in fact, the same used to make the famous Wright Brothers plane in 1899. The fact the plane is still standing is a testament to the strength of this wood.

Our stands, therefore, are very at home in the garden and can cope with all weather. Every now and then we recommend cleaning them down with some hot soapy water to keep the fungus and mould at bay. If you really want your frame to last, perhaps as long as the Wright Brothers plane has, then you should coat it with an exterior wood protector. Many DIY stores stock this, Ronseal do a fantastic clear sealant which only needs to be applied every 10 years.

Metal Hammock Stands
All of our metal stands are coated with a unique, specially made material called Rockstone. It looks as impressive as granite and due to its structure is more resistant to scratches compared to regular coatings. You can leave them outside most of the year however we do recommend that you bring them in over winter. To keep them in tip-top condition regular treat with a rust protector or WD40 which will prevent the metal from corroding over time.