Our Amazonas Hammocks

★ Amazonas creates some of the finest hammocks in the world, and they are now available at some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts.

★ These hammocks are built to last a lifetime, with superior durability and quality.

★ Every Amazonas hammock is handmade using traditional Brazilian techniques and German engineering.

★ By supporting Amazonas, you are helping to provide homes, schooling, and guidance for neglected children living on the streets of Brazil. Learn more about our mission. More info

★ Our hammocks are made with recycled Brazilian fabrics, which helps to preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

★ All of our hammocks are credited with the highly coveted Intertek GS Mark and TÜV, ensuring product safety and quality.

★ As a member of Interseroh, Amazonas is committed to recycling packaging and materials, reducing waste and supporting sustainability. Learn more about our efforts. More info

★ 100% Quality Guarantee
★ FSC: The Mark of Responsible Forestry | Read More here
★ TUV Safety Mark ISO 9001
★ Eco-Friendly Production | Read More here
★ GS Safety Mark
★ Recycled Cotton Guarantee | Read More here

At Simply Hammocks USA, our mission is clear: to offer the absolute best hammocks worldwide. A pivotal moment in our journey arrived when we discovered Amazonas, a renowned German manufacturer celebrated for crafting the highest quality hammocks available - bar none.

Hammocks have a rich heritage tracing back to the native Brazilians, who ingeniously utilized them to avoid sleeping on the damp rainforest floor and evade its myriad insects. These indigenous artisans developed specialized fabrics and techniques, ensuring their hammocks remained durable in the moist jungle climate while delivering unmatched comfort for peaceful slumber.

Amazonas proudly continues this storied tradition, employing these same time-honored techniques to meticulously handcraft each and every one of their hammocks. The result? A reputation for producing some of the world's finest hammocks, sought after by prestigious hotels and resorts across the globe.

You might be curious about hammock stands. In the Brazilian rainforest, indigenous people traditionally hung their hammocks between trees, rendering stands unnecessary. However, to accommodate customers without tree access, Amazonas leveraged their German engineering prowess and utilized only the finest quality wood to craft some of today's most exceptional stands. When you pair an Amazonas hammock with one of their stands, you're investing in a top-of-the-line hammock set.

At Simply Hammocks USA, our dedication lies in providing the world's premier hammocks, which is why we exclusively feature Amazonas products on our website. From the inception of the first thread to the moment you recline and unwind in your hammock, Amazonas employs unparalleled techniques and materials to craft hammocks and stands of unrivaled excellence.