Spreader Bar Vs Classic Hammocks

Classic vs spreader bar hammocks
Here at Simply Hammocks we often get asked for the difference between spreader bar hammocks and none-spreader bar hammocksoften called classic or Brazilian hammocks in case you didn't know. There is no right or wrong answer and a lot of it comes down to your personal preference and taste.

The case for classic hammocks:

classic hammocks

So let's start with the classic Brazilian hammock, otherwise known as the none-spreader bar hammock. This design goes back centuries and is considered the most comfortable. The fabric is free to mold around your body and many doctors recommend this style of hammock for back problems. Since the fabric is not taut against a spreader bar, they are considered easier to get in and out of. For this reason we often recommend them for children. The hammocks fabric can also be wrapped around you on cold days creating a lovely cocoon effect. They are also great for sitting upright in (as shown in the picture).

The case for spreader bar hammocks:

Spreader bar hammocks

Spreader bar hammocks are thought of as being more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the wooden spreader bar which keeps all the hammocks fabric taut. They certainly look more inviting when hanging in the garden empty. The tighter fabric can make getting into them slightly more difficult but they certainly are not a hazard. Since the fabric is nicely spread out they offer you a clear view back into your surroundings once you are in them. 

In the end though it will all come down to your own personal preference. We sell as many spreader bar hammocks as we do classic hammocks so it seems our customers are as torn on the issue as you are.

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