The Hammock Glossary

Our objective is to acquaint the globe with the finest hammocks in the world. However, navigating the subject can be challenging due to hammock terminology. That's why we've created a glossary to assist you.

This glossary is a work in progress, and we'll update it on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often. We hope you find it useful and informative.


When a person reclines in a hammock with their head and feet at opposite ends, creating a curved shape, it's known as a "banana." The optimal way to lounge in a hammock is diagonally, which is flatter and frequently used by those who sleep in them.

Brazilian Cotton:
This is a traditional material that was utilized to construct the world's earliest hammocks. It was originally introduced to hammocks by tribes in the Brazilian rainforest who preferred it because it was highly comfortable and could withstand the extreme moisture.


Cacoon Nest:
The Cacoon Nest is a recent product that is a fusion of a hanging chair and a hammock. It's very portable and sparks the imagination about where to hang it. Constructed with a unique fabric, it is extremely durable, comfortable, and weatherproof. The question is, where will you hang yours?


Double Hammocks:
Of all sizes, we sell more double hammocks than any other. Double hammocks are designed to accommodate more than one adult. It's important to check the load capacity and lying surface on each double hammock because many of them can easily fit three adults (two at one end and one at the other) or a group of children.


EllTex (Extra Long Lasting Textile):
EllTex is a specialized fabric produced by Amazonas and used in their weather-resistant hammocks. It's a blend of cotton and polyester that is incredibly strong and tear-resistant, even after repeated exposure to moisture. This means that EllTex hammocks can be left outside for much longer periods than cotton hammocks and will resist fading from the sun and rain. Additionally, they are still very comfortable and soft.


Family and XL Hammocks:

An XL or family hammock is large enough to accommodate at least three adults, with some of our hammocks even fitting four people. These hammocks are made to be extremely sturdy and offer plenty of space to relax and unwind.

A hammock fixing is a device used to hang your hammock. There are different types of fixings available, including those that can be attached to trees, walls, or ceilings. We offer a variety of hammock fixings to suit different needs and preferences.

Full Length:

The term "full length" refers to the total length of the hammock from one end to the other, including the ropes or chains used for hanging. This measurement is important if you have a specific distance in mind for hanging your hammock, such as on a pre-existing frame or between two trees in your yard.


Galvanized Fixtures:

When steel is coated with zinc to protect it from rusting, it is said to be galvanized. Most of our hammock frames come with galvanized fittings to ensure they can withstand outdoor elements year-round.

Globo Swing Chair:

A Globo Swing Chair is a stylish globe-shaped hanging chair made from sturdy wood and equipped with a comfortable cushion for relaxation. These chairs are not only comfortable to sit in, but they also make a statement in any garden. Some of our customers even choose to hang them indoors from the ceiling using our fixings.


Hanging Chair:

A hanging chair is a chair that is suspended from the ceiling or a dedicated stand. These chairs are extremely comfortable and can be found both indoors and outdoors, as many customers use them as living room furniture or as outdoor seating.

Hammock Sets:

Our hammock sets include everything you need, including a stand, hammock, and all necessary fixings. We curate our hammock sets based on our best-selling products and items that pair well together.


Load Capacity:

The Load Capacity (in pounds) of each hammock or stand is listed in the product specs on our website. This is the maximum recommended weight that the item can safely hold. Exceeding the weight limit can cause the hammock or stand to break and pose a safety hazard.

Lying Area:

The lying area of a hammock refers to the total space available to stretch out and relax in. A larger hammock will have more lying area, providing more room for comfortable lounging or accommodating multiple people.



None Spreader Bar :

A None Spreader Bar Hammock is a type of hammock that doesn't feature a wooden bar to keep the ropes apart at each end. These hammocks are typically easier to get in and out of and are considered to be more comfortable. They are also great for sleeping as you can lie diagonally, which is the best position. Without the spreader bar, the fabric can wrap around you like a cocoon, providing warmth and comfort.


Rockstone Coating:

The Rockstone Coating is a unique finish developed by Amazonas specifically for their metal hammock stands. It has the appearance of granite and is exceptionally durable, making it resistant to all weather conditions. This means that your metal hammock stand can be left outside year-round without worrying about damage from the elements.


Silk Hammocks:

For a portable hammock, we highly recommend choosing one made from silk. Silk is a lightweight, durable, and breathable material. Our silk hammocks are made from parachute silk, which is the same material used in modern parachutes, making them tear-proof and able to withstand extreme conditions while also providing ventilation.


Single Hammocks:

Our single hammocks are designed for one person, but many of them are actually classified as doubles when compared to our competitors. This means that our single hammocks are spacious and generous, providing ample room for one person to relax comfortably.


Smart Rope:

Our Smart Rope fixings allow you to easily attach your hammock to any tree using carabiner clips that wrap around the tree. The fixing is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the distance between the trees as needed.


Spreader Bar:

Hammocks Spreader bar hammocks are easy to recognize, as they have a wooden bar at each end that spreads out the ropes. These hammocks are more decorative than non-spreader bar hammocks, and many people prefer their appearance. While they may be harder to get into, they offer greater visibility, as the hammock does not cocoon around you.

Spruce Wood:

Our Wooden Hammock Stands and Sets are made from European Spruce Wood, which is strong and long-lasting. This wood is perfect for outdoor use and requires minimal maintenance. While a simple cleaning is all that's required, painting it with a wood sealant every few years can help to extend its lifespan. Interestingly, the Wright Brothers' plane was built using spruce wood in 1899, which is a testament to the wood's strength and durability.

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