International Delivery

Here at Simply Hammocks, we're proud to offer worldwide shipping for most of our products. Thanks to the compact size of our hammocks, we can easily ship them to customers all over the globe, often within just a few days.

However, some of our larger items, such as our stands, require specialized couriers due to their size and weight, which can result in additional costs.

If you're interested in having your order delivered outside of the UK, please give us a call at 01748 471 299 prior to placing your order so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Please note that if you choose our International Services, you will be responsible for paying any applicable duties, taxes, levies, customs assessments, fines, penalties, and other costs associated with transporting the goods outside of the United Kingdom. If you would like a customized shipping quote, please email us at

Product Example Delivery Method Delivery within Average Cost
Small items Hammock Courier by air 3-7 days £20 - 70
Large items Stand Courier by air 3-7 days £50 - 150
XL items Furniture Sea fright FOB (read below) 10-12 weeks £50 - 500

What you need to know about FOB orders?

For larger items like stands, we typically ship via sea freight FOB (Free on Board). FOB is a contractual term that specifies when the ownership of the goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

When we ship items FOB, we handle getting the goods from our UK warehouse to your local depot, which is included in the checkout price. However, you are responsible for any necessary paperwork required by your country of origin and may incur local charges at the port, such as import taxes, handling fees, and storage fees.

Overall, shipping this way is more cost-effective than air shipping, but we suggest contacting your local port to understand any procedures and charges that may be specific to your region.