What to do with your hammock in Winter?

So now sadly it has to be said that the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and Autumn is now upon us. So what do you do with your hammock now the summer is over, can you still use it?

You will be pleased to know you have a few options, some are far more sensible than others!

1) Do nothing and leave your Hammock outside regardless of what the weather does.

    Obviously, this is not ideal. If you have a weatherproof hammock, it will be more durable than a 100% cotton hammock, but still, we wouldn’t suggest leaving it outside all winter. The EllTex we use for our weatherproof hammocks means that they can withstand light showers and will dry faster, but they can still be susceptible to mildew and mould if they aren’t given chance to dry out thoroughly.

    2) Apply a waterproofing to your hammock.

    We use a great product called Nikwax to waterproof our hammocks if they aren’t already. With Nikwax you can waterproof any of our hammocks (cotton, silk, canvas, polycotton or EllTex) with this wash-in waterproofing. You can use it in a washing machine or hand wash, which is useful as many of our hammocks are hand wash only.

    3) Carry on using your hammock on beautiful days, bringing it in with you when you’ve finished.

      Imagine the scene, its cold, but the sun is shining, even one of those beautifully crisp mornings with frost or dew on the ground. You make a hot cup of tea, or porridge, take out your hammock and blanket and get cosy with a book. All the fresh air, all of the comfort, AND getting the most out of your hammock.

      You could even go a step further and get a fat hammock, think how cosy that would be!

      4) Get a ‘tent’ for your hammock.

        Now, this might sound ludicrous, but you can get a tent to hang your hammock underneath. I am an outdoors kind of girl, and the sound of rain on canvas is really comforting to me, so having a snooze in the fresh air, cosy in my sleeping bag, and swinging in a hammock under a hammock tent… somewhere near perfect!