Here are some satisfied customers who have shared their positive experiences with Simply Hammocks, or you can visit our Happy Customer Hangs collage page.


""We were thrilled to see Richard Branson using our Palacio Hammocks in a documentary that recently aired. It's not every day that you see such a high-profile figure using our products." 

Ann, from Cardiff, purchased an Apollo and Marine hammock as a 50th birthday present. Although she was hesitant at first, as the hammock was delivered to the birthday boy's address, she was pleased to discover that the hammock was of excellent quality, very sturdy, and comfortable. It arrived on the expected day, too. Well done, SIMPLYHAMMOCKS!


"Our Globo Hanging Chair was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs program. It was a proud moment for us to see our hammocks on TV." 

Alison Collins from Kent found our hammock easy to set up, arrived quickly, was of great color, and very comfortable. She gave it as a present to her sister, who was very happy with it.

"Our Cacoon Hanging Nest Chairs got a mention in The Guardian feature on the best hanging chairs."

Donna Hill from Skipton always wanted a hammock but only had one tree in her garden, so she couldn't work out how to install it. Then she found our chair hammock, which fit perfectly. It was delivered the next day, had easy assembly instructions, was of good quality all around, and stores away easily. Great for relaxing and reading on the Kindle!

"When The  Telegraph contacted us for help putting together the ultimate garden bundle, we were delighted to assist." 

Claire from Sutton found our product brilliant because she moved houses and had no place to hang her hammock in the garden. This clever stand was the perfect solution because it doesn't take up much space, is well-made and sturdy, and she's about to order a second one.

Fern Britton complimented our hammocks, stating how comfortable they were after being featured on the front cover of Prima Magazine in July 2017. Read more here

A Willins from Scotland was very happy with the speed of delivery and quality of the product. They were easy to assemble, comfortable, and held at least two teenagers at once.

 "The Daily Express featured Simply Hammocks in a feature about the best garden designs for summer 2016."

Matt from London found our all-weather hammock soft, comfortable, and wider than the dimensions implied. It's very sturdy, and the Micro Rope fixings are a must, longer, and more sturdy than the picture implies. His wife loves it, saying it's instantly relaxing. He would definitely recommend it.

Lucy Rose from Southend on Sea purchased our hammock with posts and hooks to attach it to the garden. It's comfortable, strong, and folds up really small, making it perfect for storage.

"Simply Hammocks hanging chairs made an appearance in the Independents Christmas Gifts List"




Mandy Rice from Dewsbury was very pleased with the prompt delivery of our product, as she ordered it on Thursday, and it arrived on Friday. Her children spent the entire weekend in it, and she was delighted with it in every way.

A Ross from Narberth loves the colors of our hammock and found it a little tricky to string up, but found some detailed instructions online and was good to go. She thought our service was good too.

Lea Collins from Derby found our hanging chair hooks easy to fix, and they make her hanging chair even more special. The kids love the chair, and she was getting worried about their over-zealous swinging and spinning, but this solved the problem perfectly.

"The Daily Mail featured our Silk Traveller hammock in a 2016 travel feature."








Nikki, from Weston Super Mare, shares her frustration with buying cheap camping chairs that only last for one trip before ending up in the trash. Her family decided to invest in a couple of high-quality chairs and have used them for multiple camping trips, picnics, and lounging in the garden.

Ellen Ducker, from Leamington Spa, purchased a hammock chair from Simply Hammocks for her new sun room but ran into an issue with her high ceiling. After reaching out to Simply Hammocks for advice, they recommended a product that solved her problem perfectly. She thanks them for their excellent customer service.

C Preece from Galloway was hesitant to spend extra money on a cover for their hammock and stand, but they are now glad they did. The cover is easy to put on and take off, and they hope it will keep their hammock in good condition for years to come.









"Our newly relaunched website received an excellent review from Click Z 







Asha Patel, Aylesbury This hammock is huge! It's comfortable and looks great. It's more expensive than other hammocks on the Simply Hammocks website, but it's worth it.

Rachel Evans, WitneyThis canopy chair is perfect for sunny days. I burn easily and this chair keeps the sun off. It's great for the garden and for taking on holiday.

Tony Booker, Fife The Tonga Kolibri hammock is good value for money. It's not as luxurious as more expensive models, but it's comfortable and sturdy. It does the job well.

Sue Lovell, Tenby I treated myself to this hammock for my 50th birthday and I love it! I enjoy lying in it with a cold drink and a magazine. I wish I had bought one years ago.

Chloe Jones, Worcestershire I love this hammock! The service and delivery were great. It was easy to hang up and looks good in the garden. I plan to take it on holiday too.

Polly O'Keefe, Widnes This hammock is great value for money. The material is soft and strong, and it comes in a handy bag.

Jack Ellis, Selby I shopped around for a double hammock and this was the best price I could find. The hammock is of good quality and hangs beautifully between my cherry trees. The service from Simply Hammocks was excellent.

Sue Timms, York This hammock is huge and the whole family loves it. It's great value for money and the products are good quality.

Geoffrey Thomson, Broadstairs The service and delivery from simplyhammocks were fantastic. The hammock is soft, comfortable, and plenty big enough for my wife and me.

Caroline Potter, Walthamstow I saw these hammocks in a magazine and had to have one for my holiday to Turkey. It was delivered quickly and was easy to pack. It's perfect for the pool and so relaxing.

Jennie, West Midlands This hammock is great! The colours are gorgeous, and it's soft and comfortable.

Georgie, Chester This hammock looks fantastic and is so comfortable. I had some trouble hanging it between a tree and a wall, but now that it's up, I love to lie in it and read.

Martine Hart, Chichester The stand is solid and easy to fix up, and the hammock is lovely. It's comfortable, soft, and looks good even after being left out in the rain.

Andy, Bath I was impressed with the service from Simply Hammocks. I had to return my first hammock, but the replacement arrived the next day. It looks great and is so comfortable.

Anna Jarvis, Calpham This natural hammock is stylish and suits me and my family perfectly. The muted neutral colours are lovely.

Alice, Redruth I wasn't sure which hammock stand to choose, but I'm glad I went with this one. It's strong, sturdy, and easy to put together.

Alex J, Poole This stand is perfect for my single hammock. It's strong and sturdy, and I have no complaints.

Mrs Wegner, Penryth This hammock is huge and comfortable, with a bit of padding. It's big enough for our family of four and the dog. We'll be using it all summer.

Mr Frank Wright, Co Durham This hammock was easy to put together and looks good. It's quite large and will have to be left outside. Hopefully, it won't rust.


Tyra Caddy from Sunderland wrote that she bought this hammock a few years ago but never got around to writing a review. She mentioned that the hammock still looks good, with bright colors even though it's been outside the entire time. Her kids think it's wonderful too.

Mrs. Miller from Weymouth bought this hammock as a gift for her daughter who is embarking on a gap year. She was happy that it fitted perfectly into her daughter's rucksack. She also mentioned that Simply Hammocks provided excellent service, and delivery was quick.

Shirley Baldwin from Wallingford wrote that she loves the hammock and has had it hanging in her garden for the past couple of months. It caused plenty of arguments at their family barbecue as everyone wanted to sit in it. Shirley also mentioned that the hammock is very comfortable and looks lovely.

Mrs. J Baker from Henley wrote that she always thought she'd have to buy a hammock stand since she only has one tree in her yard. However, she stumbled upon this kit while shopping for her hammock, and it does the job perfectly. She expressed gratitude for this discovery.

Jo Fisher from Lincoln bought this hammock as a treat for her husband and kids. She liked the lovely, bright colors and the fact that it's big enough for all of them to fit comfortably. Jo called it "super."

D Smith from Sheffield wrote that this is her first hammock and that she thinks it's great. She's proud that she assembled it all by herself, and it looks nice in her back garden. However, she laments that she never gets to lie in it herself as her children and cats are always snuggled up in it.

Charlie from Fakenham bought this to fix up their new family hammock. She found it easy to use and thought it was strong enough. Charlie had no problems at all, and she thanked Simply Hammocks for their quick delivery and service.

Josie from Farnham wrote that she loves the colors of this hammock as it's very girly and pretty. She found the price reasonable and received it the day after she ordered it. She also found it quite easy to put up with a bit of help from a friend.

Angie Rhodes from Sutton Coldfield wrote that she doesn't often write reviews but is so chuffed with this hammock that she had to. She thinks it's comfortable and looks fabulous, and she's just waiting for some sunshine now!

Marie Mac from Ayr had her hammock strung up between two trees for years. However, after moving house, she needed a new solution. Marie found that this stand is perfect, although massive! It's strong, easy to fix together, and still looks good after a year.

W Fowler from Norfolk wrote that this is great for her little garden, and she loves that she can quickly move it into the conservatory when the weather is not so good. She found the price reasonable, and delivery was quick.

Claire from Aberystwyth found this pretty easy to put up on the stand, despite being a bit rubbish at doing anything practical. She loves snuggling up with her kids on a chilled out weekend and is glad that she bought it.

Faye from Southampton loves her new Tonga Hammock. She found the colors gorgeous, summery, and that it's comfy too. She had friends round for a Bank Holiday BBQ, and everyone wanted to have a lie-down in it!

Sam Herbert from Peterborough used these to fix her hammock between a tree and a post in her garden. She found it simple to attach and strong enough to hold the hammock and her 12 stone weight!

Terry, Wandsworth Honestly, I would have loved a hammock stand but couldn't justify the cost! This product is perfect though, easy to install and very sturdy. Just make sure you buy two packs - one for each end of the hammock!

T. Johnson, Yorkshire Exactly what I needed to attach my hammock to the trees in my backyard. It's stronger than it looks, pretty durable, and easy to install. Keep in mind that if you need to fix both ends of your hammock, you'll need to purchase two of these.

Julie, Spain I saw someone with this product in Ibiza last year, and it prompted me to buy one for myself. I can't wait to try it out in Majorca. Great service, I ordered on the 18th and received it on the 19th morning. I wouldn't hesitate to order again. Thank you Simply Hammocks for a job well done.

Johny, London I highly recommend this product. I received it the day after ordering from simplyhammocks.co.uk and installed it in about 5 minutes this morning before my kids left for school. It works incredibly well as a hammock stand and easily supports my weight (90kg).

Steve Middleton, Guildford The website is easy to navigate and has a great video demo. I received an almost immediate email response to my question about hammock length. The product arrived the next day. I love the hammock. This is exactly how e-commerce should be.

Jane, Scotland I have to recommend this product; since buying it we have been lucky enough to have had amazing weather, so this hammock is getting a lot of use. It's easy to assemble and extremely comfortable! I often find my husband asleep in it!

Charlie, London The frame adjusts lengthwise to fit, and can be collapsed and stored for the winter if desired. We leave the frame out all year round and bring the hammock in (rolled up) when not in use. I wish I had purchased one years ago.

Jackie, London This stand is easy to assemble, with clear instructions, and was quick to set up. The whole family loves it.

Dee Fisher, Cumbernauld This chair is really comfortable and looks great, but I find it quite difficult to get in and out of! Perhaps it's just me, as the rest of the family don't have any trouble!

Martine, from Chesterton The stand is solid and easy to set up, and the hammock is lovely. It's comfortable and soft, and even looks good after being left out in the rain.

Jayne I'm grateful for my hammock. I was lying in it tonight (with my dog :) When I look at where it's made and the effort that goes into making it, I have perspective. I was reflecting on our call and I appreciated the way you handled my inquiry. I'm guessing you've had some training/coaching or perhaps it's just your natural style. I'm a coach myself, and I recognize your skill in communication. PS you have a lovely voice and I enjoyed connecting with you :)

Jack I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday, with very quick delivery. The hammock is very sturdy and looks great too!

Mrs King, from Swadlincote The hammock is bigger than I expected and there's plenty of room for me and my little boy. All in all, good value.

Mrs. Docherty, from Milton Keynes My husband got me this as a wedding gift, and it's everything I've ever wanted in a hammock. The wait was worth it!

Carla, from Gateshead This hammock fit perfectly between two trees in my garden. The bright colors are great, and the quality is good. It would have been nice if it came with all the fittings needed to hang it, but overall it's a good product.

Kelly, from Middlesbrough I received this hammock quickly and it was well packaged. Assembly was easy, although I had some trouble with the fixings. But before I knew it, I was lounging in my hammock with a cup of tea!

Matt, from London I bought this hammock for my wife's birthday and we both love it. Despite being an all-weather hammock, it's incredibly soft and comfortable. It's also wider than we expected, and very sturdy. The Micro Rope fixings are essential and much sturdier than they appear in the picture. My wife says it's instantly relaxing, and we would definitely recommend getting one, or two!