What to do with your hammock in the rain?

Rain rain go away, come again… after summer?

Simply Hammock HQ is based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, and if you have seen the news this morning, we have had some horrendous flash flooding overnight… nice weather for ducks, but not really prime hammock weather! So what do you do if your hammock gets caught in the rain? Is there anyway to protect your hammock? Can you wash your hammock if it gets muddy in the rain?

Truthfully, the best way to protect your hammock from the rain is to not let it get wet in the first place! Sounds simple really, but it is a question we are asked all the time, “can I leave my hammock out all season?” Nooooooo!

If hammocks aren’t able to dry out properly, they can get mould and mildew build up on them, which is quite frankly, gross! Not the chilled out hang that you envisaged when you bought your hammock right?

If you aren’t sure what mildew is, or how to treat it, check out our blog here, and we will answer all your questions!

Other options are to waterproof your hammock with our Nikwax, we tell you how here too, we are too good to you!

Obviously, if you bought one of our weatherproof hammocks initially, you are already on your way to hammock hanging bliss, but these can still get spoiled when left to the elements and not frequently checked and maintained. Our hammock care kit is perfect for those smaller hammock maintenance jobs too.

…And if all of that fails, you can always wash your hammock, in the machine if it’s a classic, or in the bath if it’s a spreader bar, but make sure you check the care label first.

So he long and short of it all is… If you can, bring your hammock in after every use, it’s the only sure-fire way of making sure your hammock will stay in peak condition year after year.

And if you absolutely cannot avoid it getting caught in a shower, or torrential downpour in our case, follow the steps mentioned above, and before you know it, your hammock will be ready for when the sunshine gets his hat back on! Fingers crossed, hopefully!