As seen in Lonely Planet Magazine


We wrote a blog last month about wanderlust, and it just so happens that this month we are also being featured with a very similar idea in Lonely Planet magazine.

It’s always a privilege when somebody has faith in your product enough to publish it, it means you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Obviously we have told you before that our travel hammocks are perfect for those of you that get restless when you have been in the same place too long, or those of you who just want to escape the humdrum for a little while. With our travel hammocks being super light, and packing up very small, you don’t need to have much thought to take one with you to just get away from it all.

Lonely Planet are known for their original travel ideas, and they had our Ultra-Light Adventure Ice-Blue Hammock as one of the essential items to pack for an island adventure, along with some other super cool stuff. But you don’t need to go very far to have your adventure, if you team it up with some of our Micro-Ropes, the world really is your oyster. I can personally vouch for it, as its my travel hammock of choice, my nephew is particularly fond of his too!

Recently, we babysat him for a full weekend, and as a very fun loving 3 year old, he loves going for an adventure. This particular weekend we planned just that, and once we had packed plenty of warm clothes, a picnic with warm soup and tea, and our wellies, we set off. Now as Auntie and Uncle, yet to have children of our own, we didn’t dare venture too far, but we didn’t need to… We went to our local playground, and had the most wonderful afternoon! We built a den, dammed a stream, played tig, and then ate our picnic swinging in our hammocks. Once we adults were exhausted, we made our way back home, singing, plodging in puddles, and laughing like hyenas.

After bath and story time, just as we were saying goodnight, he whispered in my ear, “that was the best adventure ever, can we do it again tomorrow?” Thrilled as I was that he had enjoyed himself, and we had won some serious Aunt and Uncle points, we were relieved he was being picked up early the following morning!

We had ‘adventured’ about a mile outside our front door, if that, but had a wonderful time, and built memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.

So go on, we challenge you, whether it’s to an Island, or 500 yards outside your front door… Where is your next adventure going to take you…?

Love team Simply