How to hang your Hammock!

If you just bought a new hammock or its just the first time you are using it, then it is probably best for you to know exactly what steps you must follow in order to your hammock in place quickly and painless!

The first thing you should know about hammocks is that there are mainly four types of hammocks, and each of them uses a slightly different hanging mechanism. And remember, it is very important to know how to hang a hammock before actually trying to hang out.

So, the for main types of hammocks( or hanging mechanisms) are as follows: the rope hammock or the spreader bar hammock, the Mexican string hammock, the fabric hammock, and the hammock stand.

If you are trying to hang a Rope Hammock (also called a Spreader Bar Hammock), there are a few things to bare in mind. Because of the mechanism that is used for hanging a Rope Hammock, the secret of hanging it quickly is to always keep it really tight.

This type of hammock has a wooden bar at each end and its designed and manufactured to be lain from one end to another, with the head at one of the spreader bars and with the feet at the letter spreader bar.

One thing you should bare in mind is that you must be careful when you hang such a hammock, because if you hang it it too short, or if you use too much slack, this will bend the person in the hammock in half.

This is truly undesired, as its definitely not comfortable and it may also cause serious injury to the back of the hammock's occupant. One of the advantages of using this type of hammock is that you don't need to hang it very high, thanks to its design. 1.25m is usually more than enough. In what concerns the suspension width, there are a few thinks you should always remember.

You should always check the fabric of the hammock. If you hammock is made out of something elastic, such as cotton, always allow space for stretching.

Just gradually tighten the rope the compensate for the fabric's stretching on the very first use and that's about all you have to do!