Can you hang a Hammock from a ceiling?

Paradiso cafe grandePic Paradiso Café Hammock

We are asked all the time, “how do I hang my hammock?”, the truth is, it totally depends on the space you want to put it in. Hanging a hammock from a ceiling is a popular choice when you want to make a space indoors to relax.

We have told you before the many benefits of swaying in a hammock, but if you are still in doubt, click here. So why wouldn’t you want to create your own little zen space inside your home? Hammocks don’t just have to be used in the outdoors, that’s why we get asked if you can hang a hammock or hammock chair from the ceiling.

Hammock chairs are simple, you just need a secure fixing point in the ceiling, or directly into a beam. Check out our blog here for our how to guide, and our range of galvanised steel hammock fixings can be adapted to fit any hanging space too, so don’t worry, we have you covered!

Pic Power Hook Hammock Fixing

Hanging your hammock from the ceiling however, can prove a little trickier, as you obviously have two fixing points to contend with, high up, and you need to make sure your measurements are just right…

The principle however remains exactly the same, and again we have the fixings covered, as above, but a piece of string becomes invaluable at this point!

If you measure out a piece of string to the length of your chosen hammock, you will be able to easily determine whether firstly it will fit in the space you want, but you will also easily be able to the depth of the sag that you require to hang comfortably.

Once that is all figured out, just attach your fixings as you would with a hammock chair, and voila! 

Obviously, if you need any further help, our team are always on hand to offer guidance and support, just call us on 01748 471299, or email