How do I protect my hammock from rodents?

How to protect your hammock from rodents

All off our hammocks are manufactured from premium quality fibres, so they are amazing down to the core. If your hammock is made from Elltek or HamaTec fibres, then you’re in luck, these are at the top of the hammock material hierarchy. This material is scientifically created to have extremely high levels of weather resistance, therefore, will protect you from: light showers, mildew and UV bleaching. This means that you are able to leave your hammock out that bit longer, though we do suggest that you whip it down every now and again to ensure that no ice has formed upon it.

In regard to hammocks that aren’t made out of these fibres, e.g. cotton or blend, we recommend bringing them in and storing them in a warm, dry place. Our cotton hammocks, though extremely soft to touch and comfy, do not possess the weather resistant features like the EllTex or HamaTec hammocks, and thus, you must give it that little helping hand. Leaving your cotton hammock exposed to the elements leads to Mildew growth and decay, at a significantly faster rate than you would think.

But the weather isn’t the only threat to your hammock. According to recently collected data, a most frequently asked question is “How do I stop rodents attacking my hammock?” and what a fantastic question. When it comes to one of our 100% Recycled Brazilian cotton hammocks, you’re most at risk. As a favoured material by rodents, you must ensure to take extra precautions to protect your hammock.

Storage is a big part of this. Not only does storing your hammock correctly, in a durable bag or closed container, prevent exposure to the elements meaning no Mildew development, but also prohibits rodents access. Remember, never put your hammock away wet or damp, only ever dry.

But what if you’d rather leave your hammock out ?

Though this isn’t what is recommended, you’ve got freedom to do as you wish. And so, a little tip that can be effective to defer rodents is to hang a windchime next to your hammock. This will act to create a constant output of noise that will help in deterring any vermin that may think they’ve found their next dinner.

Don’t forget about your stand.

All of our stands are made with the highest structural integrity in mind, and weather resistance too. They are manufactured to ensure their visual spectacle last for years, whether it be undergone dipping baths, or coated in weatherproof powdered steel.

Once you have had the stand for a substantial amount of time, slight cracks may appear, though this will not affect the structural integrity of the stand in any way, it happens due to the stand adapting to its use. These cracks, when left exposed for a significant amount of time, can allow water to seep inside and damage the core foundations of the wood. Though, this is over a collection of years, it's still something you should keep an eye out for.

How do you prevent this?

Simple really, there’s two options. You can either ensure that after a long period of rain, you take a cloth and dry the stand down. Similarly, you can also re-oil your stand regularly. Re-oiling your stand, not only keeps the visual spectacle of it alive, but also protects any cracks that may have appeared over the time.