Get into a hammock like a Queen (or King)


Let’s face it – hammocks are heaven sent, but hammocks get some bad press and filtering through 1000’s of our customer comments over the years, we sense an unnecessary fear of the process of “getting into a hammock” and whether they are safe.

We’re here to set you free from your doubts. After all, fear is just a feeling and that feeling is not a physical thing. It’s an illusion.

First things first – before getting on your hammock, you should check if it has been installed correctly and securely. Nothing like having a meet and greet with gravity at the first attempt.


fools rush in where angels fear to tread


One fairly common mistake most people do is to rush things. Either by excitement or by some weird thinking that doing it fast will make it better. You should know by now that this is not the case for most things and it's the same for hammocks.

So how do I get on a hammock?

1) Find and center yourself with your hammock.
If you think you can try to get on your hammock from either end and expect your dignity to be intact with the attempt, then you are probably someone who believes that Unicorns do exist. You probably need to Google that as I'd rather not be the barer of bad news.


A perfect metaphor for my life would be someone trying to stand in a hammock

2) Grab the edge closest to you and back up until the hammock tilts to a degree.
By this time your hammock’s edge will be against the back of your knee (depending on the height of your hammock).

3) Slowly sit down while holding onto the hammock’s edge closest to you.
Once you have sat down, wait till the hammock has stopped moving before committing to the next step.

4) Twist slightly, and with your other hand, grab the edge farthest from you. The other hand should hold on the edge nearest to you.
With this position, both your hands should be holding onto the hammock’s edges.

5) While holding onto the edges, slowly swing one leg at a time into the hammock.
Make sure you're at the center of the hammock as you twist to swing your leg in. You'll know you're not in the middle because the hammock will swing on the edge where most of your weight will be. Adjust your position so your weight is in the middle and equally distributed.

6) Slowly lie back and enjoy! 
I know what your next question will be – how do you get off the hammock? You don’t need ninja skills to escape the confines of the hammock. Just do the steps in reverse and you will be fine. Just always be sure to do it slowly each time and pause if the hammock is swinging too much.

That's all there is to it!

I would start a revolution, but I just bought a hammock