How to mount a hammock indoors


If you own a hammock you'll know just how at home they are in a garden. Whether suspended between trees or on a stand, they create idyllic spots to relax in. But did you know that hammocks work just as well indoors as outdoors? Not only do they create additional seating, are a talking point for visitors but they also provide a sanctuary for you to continue your hammock habit away from the rain.

So how do you mount a hammock indoors?

Step 1: Buy a hammock
First of all you need a hammock or hanging hammock chair. Doh!

Step 2: Decide on where to hang it and if it's going to be a temporary or permanent fix
Now you need to decide on the place you want to hang your hammock. I've just recently hung a Brasil Acerola in my living room overlooking the garden which seems to be the best sun trap in our home. But hammocks also look great by fires, around a dining table, in children's rooms or in the bedroom. The important thing is to hang it in a place that suits you.

If it's going to be a permanent fixture (like my hanging chair) then you want to make sure it's not in the way and that you have plenty of space around to relax.

If it's going to be a temporary fixture, so something you get out and put away, it doesn't really matter where it goes but you may want to install the mounts in places that are not visible when the hammock is taken down. Here at Simply Hammocks HQ we have just hung an Aruba Cayenne right across the office. Most of the time the hammock is down, as it blocks access, but it's great knowing that at the end of a day it is there to relax in if we want to.

Step 3: Get your fixings
We sell all the fixings you will need to hang your hammock indoors. If you are fixing a hanging chair from the ceiling you should use a Jumbo fixing and Liana chain. Screw the Jumbo into a beam and then use the Liana to adjust the height you want it to hang. Finding a joist/beam in a ceiling can be tricky if they are not exposed, so a tip would be to look at the floor boards above the ceiling, the beams will run opposite to this. You could even take up the floor boards to locate the beam and ensure no pipes or wires are visible before drilling.

If you have a concrete ceiling then we'd recommend using the Power Hook.

To hang traditional hammocks all you need are two Power Hooks (one for each wall) and some adjustable rope so you can get the right hang. We recommend our Smart Rope or Micro Rope.

It's as simple as that.