"ooops...I just broke my spreader bar hammock"

Not the kind of email or phone call we want to read or hear. A disappointing feeling, no matter the reason behind the breakage.

Fortunately for us, and more importantly for our customers, this isn't a common occurrence down to quality standards we insist from all our manufacturers (ISO 9001 as one example).

So, hammock lovers, why would a spreader bar hammock even think about breaking? Let’s look at some reasons.

Twisted cords

Take a careful look at your hammock before you slide in. The ropes from the material, through the bar and up to hammock loop/eye should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and should also look symmetrical.

Ensuring the cords aren't twisted allows the weight loaded into your hammock to be evenly spread through the material, up along all the cords, across the spreader bars and up out into your chosen fixing/hanging location.

This even distribution of weight prevents any slight weak points being amplified which will only ever result in a release of pressure. 

we cannot control the wind but we can direct the sails

A little tip for you Spreader Bar hammock owners who leave your hammocks outside.  Anyone who remembers standing on the school playing field with their coats forced up over their heads leaning into the wind, will be aware of the power of wind!!  Put this force onto a spread surface area of an Aruba Juniper Hammock (approx. 2.52m2) for example, and you can only imagine the consequences. 

During the high winds (thanks to Hurricane Ophelia) that swept across the UK recently, we were contacted by one of our customers to say his Samba Marine hammock had span so much on its smart ropes (attached to two trees) that it strangled the cords to tightly, the spreader bar snapped.  THATS SOME FORCE!!!  The Samba Marine is tested to a 600kg load capacity by Amazonas back in German.  

Overloading your hammock

Yep, there’s a little kid in all of us. I'm always tempted to dive from a distance into my Brasilia Tropical

And don't get me wrong, our hammocks are strong. They're tested far beyond the load capacity we suggest, but they're not unbreakable. The hammock design itself is based on the user gently climbing onboard, nestling in and relaxing. When we test the hammocks, by means of filled sand sacks, we evenly lay each sack in the hammock. Over applied energetic force will certainly increase the stress on the hammock components.

Also, don't be surprised when, one sunny July evening, after Julie has cracked open the second bottle of Pinot and Janet decides to hop into the huge Simply Hammock, followed by Sarah...then Julie...then Helen...then snap!!!!!

Somethings gotta give!

Badly manufactured.

Being in the business of hammocks, we've seen some bizarre and downright dangerous products. Drill holes severely offset, bars too long for the material and even ropes at wrong lengths. We've learned who and what to avoid. We scour the world looking for only the best quality hammocks so you don't have to. All our hammocks come with a 12-month warranty too!

In summary the spreader bar hammock is a wonderful design, loved all over the world. The Aruba Juniper being our best seller and when looked after will guarantee to give you endless joy. Look after it and everything's going to be HamOK!