Our stands don't have to be stationary!


Yes, that’s right! Our stand selection don’t always need to remain stationary to one particular area – fair enough, the likes of our Arcus and Canoa wooden stands are extremely sturdy and heavy, so they’re maybe best staying where they are but our metal stands are able to move around and be transported here and there, with ease.

We recently spoke to one of our wonderful customers who explained that purchasing one of our metal stands was one of the best decisions they have done; as they have a daughter with autism, Sandra stated that it was difficult to go on day-trips, but now with the aid of our metal stand, the whole family are able to have a glorious day wherever they decide to venture to!

Our metal stands are lightweight, easy to assemble and sturdy – we do promote the fact that you can hang hammocks from trees but a stand is a brilliant idea for those who explore somewhere without forestation! We adore all of the stands that we offer; there is something for everyone – as we have mentioned, moving our wooden stands around wouldn’t be the best option (unless you want a strenuous workout!) but our metal stands are perfect – they can fold away and fit in your boot and they take a few minutes to assemble…so, go on, go and have a weekend wander and relax somewhere.