Turn your old swing into a hammock heaven

With quarantine loosening, we guarantee that (providing the weather stays tropical, and not British), your garden is going to become the epicentre for an eruption of burnt BBQ burgers, cocktails, and sugar-ladden kids. But how’d you make your garden stand out? Simple really, innovative renovation.

If your garden happens to be possessed by an old abandoned swing set, fear no more. Some of our fantastic customers have notified us of their creative idea to hang a hammock chair from the structure Not only does this bring some new life to that dreary part of the garden, it’s also an easy and very convenient way to optimize the space of the garden. We love simple was to cheer up the dreary end of the garden and make it all that much safer and more usable.

Your new chic garden upgrade will also save you money and hassle. All that’s required to upgrade your swing set is the hammock chair and a single tree fixing - we’d recommend a Tree Band with a load capacity of 200KG.

And, if you stand is big enough you could even fit a hammock between the posts. All we recommend is that the structure is strong and up to the job!