So, where are you hanging?

Where are you thinking of hanging out? When it comes to hammocks, there are many options for you to choose from relating to where you can fix your hammock or hanging chair. Once you have determined where you are wanting to sway, the next step is fixings.

Most of our customers are buying a hammock to fill some space in their garden; whether you have trees positioned perfectly apart or maybe an alcove that would be glorious for a hammock…you may have neither of these options, but don’t fear Simply are here to save the day!

Yes, a stand may be a simple and straightforward option but they’re also relatively large and heavy to manoeuvre. If you have the ‘dreamy tree’ scenario, we suggest either our Smart Rope Fixings, Micro Ropes or even Tree Bands would be the best fixings to use. If you only have one tree and are struggling for something in the vicinity to act as a second ‘post’ or ‘tree’, we have something called a Madera Stand which takes the weight like a post or tree would…thank us later!

If, like mentioned before you have an alcove that is concrete walls, our Easy Plus Hammock Fixings are ideal for this set-up.

If you’re wanting a hanging chair and want to dangle from the ceiling, a Power Hook or Swivel Fixing would be your best possibilities. If you’re wanting to venture outside with your hanging chair, a Smart Rope Fixing would do the job.

If you have a more unusual idea in mind for a perfect hammock or hanging chair escape, please feel free to get in touch and we will make sure your ideas become reality!