5 things NOT to do in a Hammock

At Simply Hammocks HQ, we get a lot of weird and wonderful questions about what you can and can’t do in a hammock, so we thought we would clarify a few DON’Ts with you;

1) Can I swing myself right over?

Not only do you risk falling out and really hurting yourself, but you could end up with your ropes all knotted and nothing but a broken hammock, or leg, to show for it!


2) Can I use it as a trampoline?

This we think would be fairly explanatory. A whole truckload of disasters spring to mind with this one but children seem intent on giving it a try!

3) Can I floss in a hammock

So we know ‘flossing’ is a thing, and we have all tried to do it in the office, some with a lot more success than others, may I add. Best to try it on the firmer ground we reckon!

4) Will doing my finances make it less stressful?

Hammocks are supposed to be a tranquil place, for relaxing, snoozing, reading and dreaming. So leave your reports, end of year reports and astro-physics for your desk!

5) Can I do hammock yoga?

Suspended or ‘Arial’ yoga is a thing, but without proper instruction, we think that this too could end up with you having to take a trip to A&E. I mean who really is that flexible anyway?!