10 famous people who love hammocks

Hammocks have always been aspirational purchases, hanging on palm trees at 5 star resorts but nothing drives interest more than a celebrity hanging in a hammock. So which celebrity faces have been seen in our hammock?


I don’t know how she did it but J.Lo’s got some great balance going on here. Dear Gravity, please let me pose like this on my hammock. Just the once instead of falling straight onto my face.

Get the look with the Knit Ecru.

Tom Selleck

Yes it doesn't get better than this. Tom Selleck, a hammock and his mustache in the same photo.

Reese Witherspoon 

Go for the elegant pose mastered here by Reese Witherspoon. Pose aside you can have a similar hammock that Reese is reclining on with a Corda.

Jake Gyllenhaal

We're not sure if this is a hammock or a spiders web?!

Britney Spears

When the young Britney was not touring the world selling music, you would find her relaxing by the beach in a hammock. Hard life!

Anna Kendrick

This picture makes me wish I was at the beach, relaxing on a hammock with a coconut drink in hand. The actress sure knows how to relax and you can too with a Rio Garden Hammock.

Cameron Diaz

If you don't have someone else to cuddle up to, then how about a few bunnies? They certainly seem to be putting a smile on Cameron Diaz face relaxing in an American Dream Petrol hammock.


But of course, nothing beats sharing a hammock with a child, here Beyonce is relaxing with her daughter Blue Ivy. 

Richard Branson

The Palacio hammock seems to be a hit on Richard Branson's Necker Island. He is the man that could afford a bed in any hotel yet the billionaire still prefers to spend his time relaxing in a hammock. And, when he is feeling adventurous Richard might take the Ultra Light Adventure Blue hammock which is only 180g and can take up to 150kg in weight.

For the adventure seeker, why not try our Ultra Light Adventure Ice-Blue hammock? It's the lightest hammock in the world at 180g but it can withstand up to 150kg in weight capacity.


A hammock doesn't just have to be on a beach. Nothing beats a sunny afternoon in the garden with your hammock, take inspiration from Shakira.