Hammock Hire


Hiring a hammock is a perfectly viable option of experiencing a hammock without the commitment of purchasing your very own. Hammock rental can be greatly beneficial depending on your needs. Particularly if it is required for an event with several attendees. It is also a good option if you are unsure about investing in buying a hammock or are uncertain about which type is best for you and your space.

Hiring a hammock for a short period of time can take a lot of the stress away, allowing you to fully relax. Depending on what you’re going for, you could choose to have the rental company set up the hammocks for you and disassemble them when you are done. This is a great option for those who want a relaxing get-away or want to take some of the pressure off from organizing a large event. There would be no need to worry about rigging the hammock, getting the right sizes to fit frames and no struggling with putting frames together. It can also be much cheaper than buying your own if you know that you wouldn’t be using your hammock a lot.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve got your own relaxing space complete with a hammock, you might want to consider renting out your space on sites such as Airbnb. This can be a great way of making a bit of extra cash and allowing the hammock to pay for itself. You can set your own prices depending on your space and what you want to offer your customers, for example; do you want to offer any extra services like breakfast or afternoon tea? Recently people have been looking for unusual or quirky experiences and increasing demand and interest has proven that renting out your hammock can be quite lucrative, especially in the summer months.

Either way, choosing a theme can be a fun way to incorporate hammocks into your space. For example choose a macramé style can help add a 70s theme to the event, choosing spreader bar hammocks can help to create a tropical or beach theme - perfect for the recent boom in staycations. Hiring also allows you to cater for a variety of attendees without splashing out on many different hammocks such as children’s hammocks, hammock chairs, family size or single hammocks.

If you’re more into camping you can hire a travel friendly hammock. Some landowners also offer rental of their hammocks onsite and will rig the hammocks to a tree ready for your arrival, all you need bring is your usual camping gear. This means less hassle after a long hike and more time to relax and take in the scenery. Alternatively, when planning a longer camping or travelling adventure, renting a travel hammock might be the best option as this allows for more freedom, you can set up your hammock wherever you feel fit and not be tied to a specific location or hotel. Hammocks are arguably easier and quicker to set up than tents, so you can also stop for a cosy mid-hike break – not to mention it can be a lot cheaper than a hotel or glamping site. More and more camping sites are offering hammock camping for their customers ranging from ‘wild camping’ to hammock glamping. This is great news for hammock lovers, especially as it has been claimed that hammocks offer some health benefits such as reduced stress, better sleep and improving muscle and back pain.

When travelling we can rent cars, bikes and poolside chairs to name a few but hammocks are becoming an increasingly popular addition to this list. As a further bonus, the money saved by renting a hammock can allow you to spread your cash out a bit further on your travels. Or if you are using hammocks for your event, you can splurge more on additional rental items such as tipis or bars to make for a more dynamic event. Not to mention that hammocks can act as beautiful décor – much better than the common plastic chair and easier to transport.

There are plenty of reasons to consider renting a hammock, and who knows? You may enjoy it so much it inspires you to buy your own. The process of renting a hammock is so simple, just contact the provider you wish to rent from and iron out details such as dates and expectations and let them take care of the rest!  Just take into consideration the space you want to place the hammock and whether you will need a stand or not. For example if you just want to rig your hammock to two trees, then you won’t need the stand. If you are not hanging it from trees or a structure, you’ll need an appropriate stand – and of course, if you’re picking up the hammock(s) yourself from the supplier then you’ll need to consider transportation. If you’re considering renting a hammock then there’s bound to be right option for you.