#HammockTakeover Richmond

Given the success of our hammock takeover in Manchester a few weeks ago, we thought why not spread some hammock cheer a little closer to home in Richmond, North Yorkshire, where Simply Hammocks is based.

The #HammockTakeover was a massive success, more so than Manchester in many regards, with residents and visitors taking to social media to help support our cause.

With our hammocks positioned all around town, it created the perfect trail for families to walk and explore. The timing was ideal too with Yorkshire Day and Richmond Live both coinciding so we wanted to keep the happy energy flowing around North Yorkshire.

The campaign staged by the Richmond based company is headed up by Founder Scott Woodhead. “We wanted to do something to spread a little cheer, we love where we live, and with this glorious weather we thought donating some hammocks to our town would spread some summer cheer”.

Our values here at Simply Hammocks are to act as a family, challenge ourselves, make stuff happen and to stand out. With this latest campaign, we think we nailed that! It was so rewarding to see the local people of the town really enjoying the hammocks in the sunshine and on family picnics. 

We are so grateful for all the well-wishers and those that took to social media to spread the word. And, to top it all off, Vicky and Sophie made it into the local paper - who doesn’t love a goofy selfie on the front-page!