It's World Autism Awareness Month!

It's National Autism Awareness Week and Simply Hammocks is getting behind it with full force. We've teamed up with the National Autistic Society and will be donating 2% of profits to their charity this month.

Why are we getting behind this cause?

We have always lauded the virtues of hammocks – from how it helps in relaxation to productivity at work, but did you know that a hammock can help beyond that. Did you know the act of swinging influences a persons’ vestibular system? Here at Simply Hammocks we regularly receive wonderful emails from our customers who have children with learning and mental disabilities, who have used our hammocks as a form of therapy.

In a nutshell, the vestibular system is the one that give us a sense of balance and spatial orientation. It balances us as we walk up or down a flight of stairs for example and if we lose our footing and wobble it will automatically re-balance itself without us needing to do anything. The system also orientates us in our surroundings - when we wake up in unfamiliar surroundings it will try to coordinate itself through sensory perceptions.  

While most of us have a normal sense of balance, for children and adults who have autism, this is an area where they may need help. In fact many who have autism also have some form of vestibular dysfunction. We are honoured to be working alongside the National Autistic Society to raise further awareness of such a prominent cause.

"Swinging is beneficial to people whose sensory systems are still developing and getting organised, as is the sensation of being cocooned. - Wonderfully in a hammock you can get both sensations simultaneously. Many people will find this mixture of sensations soothing, meaning that the option of chilling out in a hammock can be used to deescalate a situation where stress is building." 
Joanna Grace (The Sensory Projects)

One of our lovely customers, Sandra has a 30 year old daughter with autism and has found that their two hanging chairs situated around their home have helped to significantly calm her down; using it for 45-60 minutes a day has assisted in building confidence, calming and has proven to be one of the best decisions they have made. 

hammocks and autism Personal breakthroughs such as Sandra’s daughter being able to improve communication via typing, helping family inclusion for her daughter, achieving a degree and relieving daily anxiety and stress have all transpired due to those 45-60 minutes swinging sessions improving overall sensory function.

Our portable stands have found to be beneficial for families with autistic children – Sandra takes their mobile stand to places such as the beach for their daughter and find that being able to transport our hanging chairs and stand to other places has stopped the dreaded feeling of restriction and concern.

It is amazing that our products are able to help people in need; if you know of anyone who experiences these issues in everyday life, or you have a relative or child yourself with sensory disorders, we are here to help and relieve symptoms.

*2% of profits in April. Donations will be made to the National Autistic Society at the end of the campaign midnight 30th April 2019 and applies to all products.