June News from Simply Hammocks HQ

Summer is here and our website and phones are going crazy - despite the less than enthusiastic weather. But, we're believing for a great year and some lovely weather! We have faith!

Our biggest seller this year is our stands when combined with a hammock. Our stands are beautiful, can be moved around to find the sun and perfect if you don't have suitable trees in your garden. Plus, whilst a hammock beneath a tree is idyllic, it does require some bird pooh and leaf cleaning maintenance before each use.

How to choose a hammock & stand?

1) Choose a hammock
Find your perfect hammock and then on the hammocks specification table look for the Full Length, which is the distance from one loop to the other.

2) Now choose a stand
On our stand page, every stand has a green icon on the main image showing the length range of the stand. So, if your hammock is 310cm from end to end, you want to look for hammock stands that include 310cm in the range. 

3) If you are lazy...

You can always email us, call one of our experts on 01748 471 299, use our hammock tool or check our stand compatibility guide.

In other news...

New products
We've just launched the La Siesta Brisa hammocks on our website, which look extremely British. Go check them out.

Baby is back!
Our popular Baby Hammock range is back, following a brief departure. So for all those expecting Mothers, you have to check it out. We're also launching a dedicated website this week (amazonas-babyworld.co.uk) in partnership with Amazonas, so look out for news on that soon.

We're in the press
Sophie, our Head of Marketing has been super busy raising awareness of Simply Hammock. So look out for us at the Cannes Pinterest Festival, at Download Music Festival, in the Daily Mail this Friday, Gardeners World Live at the NEC and on Charlie Dimmocks ITV Garden Rescue. 

Mobile friendly 
Our development team have been improving our website for mobile browsers, so you should be able to move about a lot quicker. We are also moving over to an Accelerated Mobile Page platform later in June, which promises near-instant load time on 3g+ networks. We love staying ahead of the game!