Mastering Comfort: The Brazilian Hammock Technique Explained

Amazonas Ultra-light Hammocks are wider than standard hammocks, allowing you to stretch out completely and lie comfortably. This extra width is crucial for a good night's sleep, especially when wild camping. Many people spend the whole night in their hammock, enjoying the comfort it provides. To help you experience the full benefits of your hammock, we’re going to explain the Brazilian lying technique. In Brazil, hammocks are often used as bed substitutes!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Properly Lying in a Hammock

  • Body Positioning
    To maximize comfort, lie diagonally in the hammock. This fanned-out position ensures proper weight distribution and enhances overall comfort.
  • Observation Point
    Relax and position yourself so you can comfortably observe your surroundings from the hammock.
  • Loop Height
    Attach the hanging loops of the hammock at head height for optimal positioning.
  • Distance Between Loops
    Space the hanging loops about 10 feet apart. This allows the hammock to sag in a deep arc, creating the ideal shape for comfort.
  • Diagonal Lying
    Lying diagonally ("from corner to corner") in the hammock is key to the Brazilian style. This position helps keep your back straight and enhances comfort.
  • Achieving the Brazilian Style
    By lying diagonally, you mimic the authentic Brazilian hammock experience. In Brazil, hammocks are traditionally used for sleeping, and this technique helps in maintaining a straight back and reducing pressure points, contributing to a good night's sleep.
  • Secret to Comfort
    The secret to prolonged comfort lies in the hammock's deep arc, achieved by attaching loops at head height and maintaining a diagonal lying position. This ensures hours of relaxation without compromising your back's alignment.

Amazonas Ultra-Light Thermo Hammocks

With our Amazonas Ultra-Light Thermo Hammocks, we’ve incorporated the Brazilian lying technique so you can sleep comfortably even in cooler temperatures. A compartment for an insulating mat is sewn diagonally onto the underside of the Thermo hammock. This design keeps the sleeping pad in the right position and prevents it from slipping while you sleep.

By following these tips, you can ensure a comfortable and restful hammocking experience, whether you’re out in the wild or relaxing in your backyard. So go ahead, try the Brazilian style, and enjoy the ultimate relaxation in your Amazonas Ultra-light Hammock.