Our new Hot Tub Spa range

We're so excited to announce the launch of a brand new collection on our website, hot tubs! Ideal for warming up winter, we are selling an amazing selection of luxury hot tubs that are made using all of the finest components, to ensure total reliability and relaxation. 

So, you may be wondering why a hammock company is going into hot tubs...
Well, we speak to hundreds of customers every week, helping them to enhance their outdoor living spaces with our amazing hammocks. We often heard that our customers were looking to purchase a hot tub and whether we could recommend any. Then the UK went into lockdown and our Founder decided to buy a hot tub for his garden. After months of research, he came across an amazing UK supplier that was offering fantastic hot tubs, featuring all the leading American components, but without the price tag. Since we only sell products we would use ourselves, we thought it would be great to start offering our customers hot tubs that we could put our name against.

What makes these hot tubs so special is that they come with all the leading components, found in the industry leading brands. The highest quality hot tubs are American, but carry a huge price tag because the brands sell them to USA distributors, who sell them to UK distributors, who sell them to UK retailers, which sell them to you. So by the time you get your hot tub, the price has increased significantly. 

Our hot tubs use all the same components as the industry-leading American brands but without the price tag. The hot tubs feature USA Aristech Acrylic Shells, LX Pumps, Gecko or Balboa Control Systems, PVC Long-Lasting Skirts and EVA insulated base.

So head over to our new Hot Tub Collection page and if you have any questions please give us a call or view our Hot Tub Ordering FAQ page.