Take a load off - Hammocks take over the city!

Hundreds of hammocks have popped up all over Manchester on today, baffling people as to why. The company behind it, Simply Hammocks, just wanted to cheer people up, and with World Hammock Day on July 22nd, they thought this was the perfect opportunity.

The hammocks have appeared all over Manchester City Centre, with the simple instructions to ‘take a load off, and have ten minutes of chill out on us.’

The campaign staged by the North Yorkshire based company is headed up by CEO Scott Woodhead, a Mancunian born and bred. “We wanted to do something to spread a little cheer, after the World Cup last week, and the uncertainty of how long this weather is going to last, so it's our gift to the city”.

The coinciding social media competition rewards the best pictures with a free hammock, with the results being announced on World Hammock Day itself. As well as offering up extra 10% discounts to the first 100 customers to place an order over £50.00, using the code ‘#HammockTakeover’.

The benefits of a hammock are way more than you would think. They have been proven to reduce anxiety, improve circulation, aid deeper sleep and expand your focus, so why wouldn’t you want to spend your lunch swaying in a hammock

Sophie Hawksby, Head of Marketing says - “we have hammocks in our office, we have all our team meetings swinging in hammock chairs, it helps with the relaxed atmosphere, and our creativity, in fact, this very idea came out of one of those meetings!”

So get to a hammock location, take a load off, take a picture, and who knows, you could end up with your very own hammock at home!