We're bringing Jobek to the UK

We're super-excited to announce that we will be bringing Jobek hammocks to the UK which will exclusively be available on the Simply Hammocks website. 

Jobek was founded many years ago when two German brothers wanted to launch a range of hammocks after going on a backpacking holiday in the 1970's. Josef and Bernhard Köpf, were driven by a vision to bring the benefits of the Brazilian hammocks to the masses, after the positive effects of them had been proven in numerous studies. 

They aptly used both their names to form the brand Jo (Josef) and Bek (Bern Koph). In all this time, the brothers' focus has never changed: quality without compromises, a factor reflected in the loading capacity and durability of the products, which are now trusted across the world. This is ensured in the company's own production facilities in the north of Brazil by the fact that only the very best materials are employed and these are regularly inspected by independent testing institutes.

The brand has since changed hands and is no longer run by the brothers. but instead is making waves in Europe through it's new home in France. They still use the same factories in South America and Poland, ensuring the quality has remained the same.  We are very excited to bring them to the UK and make them available through our website.

Check back in a few weeks when their full range will be made available with next day delivery! We also love their NHS Hero inspired set...