We're inventing a new hammock

hammocks idea

Over the last 12 months, behind the scenes, Simply Hammocks have been developing a new type of hammock. A hammock that has never been done before and could revolutionise an industry that has had no innovations in over 100 years.

It's not gimmicky, in fact the idea was inspired by our customers. It really is a hammock that will serve the lovely people that happen to stumble upon our website in search of the perfect swinging (hammock) companion.

I wish we could tell you more, but until we have full protection from our patent, Mum's the word. What we can say is at the end of February (this month!) we'll be visiting a new continent to work with manufacturers to get this developed in time to launch it on our website for May 2018. Yep, things are happening fast!

We're super excited and can't wait to share more.

Help us name the hammock and be part of history...
We now need to come up with a name for our new hammock innovation. Please submit your ideas to hello@simplyhammocks.co.uk, and if we use one, you will win the very first hammock off the production line and be part of hammock history...imagine telling your friends and family that our hammock is branded with your idea.