5 myths about hammocks...WOW

Hammock Myths

If you've lay in a hammock before, for any period of time, you'll know the bliss that comes from such a simple pleasure. But did you know that most people have never experienced a hammock at all. Yep, crazy isn't it?!

To be totally honest I was also a hammock virgin until I took that fateful trip to Egypt and fell in love with a hammock in the hotel grounds. For others, a hammock is just a nice idea with many put by so called myths, so let's debunk them now and encourage more people to sway peacefully beneath the trees:

Myth 1: Hammocks are dangerous
This is by far the most common reason that puts many people off. But it needn't be because if you get into a hammock correctly you will cut the risk of any injury to almost zero.

When getting into a hammock, approach backwards, spread the fabric and sit in the centre which will give a more supportive entry. It won't tip you out either, remember hammocks have been around for thousands of years and used for sleeping in high up in the trees. All our hammocks are handmade using the best materials so the chances of the hammock failing is also very slim. According to statistics you are much more likely to sustain an injury falling from a chair.

Myth 2: They are complicated to hang
If you can tie your own shoe laces then putting a hammock up should be just as easy. A lot of people think they need special knots, but that is far from the truth. Most people these days hang hammocks on stands or between trees using specific fixings so no special skills are needed.

Myth 3: Hammocks are uncomfortable
In fact it's the opposite. Many of our customers are sleeping in hammocks permanently instead of using a bed. They are extremely comfortable and guarantee total relaxation or the best nights sleep of your life. Medical research also suggests that hammocks lead to a deeper sleep.

Myth 4: I suffer from motion sickness
Motion sickness can affect people in different ways but swaying in a hammock should not be one of them. I am the sort of person that can easily get sick from cars and boats, but I have never felt sick in a hammock. If you do have a serious medical issue with motion sickness then it may be best to avoid a hammock, or reach out and touch the floor to prevent it from swaying.

Myth 5: Hammocks are only strong enough for small people
Well I cannot speak for other brands but all of our hammocks have been tested up to 600kg and are covered by warranty to accept anything from 120kg to 200kg consistently. In addition we are one of the only hammock retailers whose hammocks come with various accreditations and safety marks.