Rain, Rain Go Away!

We’ve all been there... you've bought sausages by the kilo, burgers by the dozen and enough bread rolls to feed a small army. The barbecue is sizzling away and everyone’s enjoying the sunshine on your freshly mown lawn; just for the inevitable to happen. Those dreaded dark clouds appear, and rain all over your parade; sending everyone dashing indoors and leaving your bangers washed away.

“If only you had a gazebo” is the most used phrase heard from guests gathered in kitchens everywhere, waiting for clouds to pass.

So why haven’t you got a gazebo?

You love the hosting, so now it’s time get with the boasting; and start dazzling your guests with the most needed garden accessory this summer. With so many styles and sizes, you can easily cater for your barbecue party; leaving your sausages sizzling and your burgers burning.

Elite Quik Shade Gazebo

Social gathers needs to stay fun, and the only way is by keeping everyone happy and dry. With the Elite Quik Shade gazebo, this magnificent gazebo has an innovative design, where time isn’t wasted shoving pipes and poles here and there; instead it pops out automatically opening the canopy with it! So in a quick of a flash, you and your guests can be stood under sufficient shelter whilst the rain passes over! Brilliant!

These perfect polyester gazebos are more a necessity than the barbecue itself!

Maybe you prefer a gazebo with walls to shield those rain drops away even more from your guests; well then take a look at the Sports gazebo, complete with screen panels! The panels provide sufficient shelter to all sides, yet don’t restrict your vision to the outside world. If needed, the panels can be quickly removed, turning it into a roof only gazebo!

Grab your garden chairs and guests, and don’t let the rain ruin your party with Simply-Hammocks.com