We're going on holiday

Hammock on the Beach

Summer’s here! Suitcases up and down the nation are being cram packed with excessive shoes and unnecessary clothes. We pack everything apart from the kitchen sink when we head of on our jollies; and it’s only once we arrive at our destination, that we realise, once again we packed what we don’t need. Last minute packing has a lot to answer for when it comes to our enjoyment of fun in the sun.

If we planned in advance, we could leave out that extra pair of shoes we know in our hearts we will never ever wear; or bring that extra pair of swimming shorts we always forget. Instead of those shoes, why not pack something which will be used daily, and which will save you stumping up those extra pounds to buy one from an overpriced beachside shop.

Instead of packing 9 pairs of shoes, and 17 different coloured tops; why not take along your very own floating hammock or Floating Lounger?

Kelsyus floating lounger

We’re all guilty of doing it. We arrive at our destination, unpack and head straight for the pool stopping at the local expensive shop to purchase a blow-up lounger along the way. Yes this doesn’t seem all that unreasonable, it we were to deflate them after our holiday is over; and take it back home with us for future holiday use. Except we don’t. We leave the stranded on balconies, hotel room floors; or simply floating unloved in the pool. What a waste of money.

Instead of continuously purchasing blow up pool accessories year after year; wouldn’t it be nice to take with you your trust worthy floating pool chair? That’s right a chair! You can sit up and you’re your chosen holiday book; whilst enjoying the coolness of the pool. People will look on envious whilst they sunken float by wondering where the slow puncture in their lounger is.

The Kelsyus range of outdoor equipment has been designed to enhance your holiday without leaving a dent in funds; so grab a lounger from Simply-Hammocks.com and head straight for the nearest pool!