A hammock in every home? Why not....

hammock in every home

For anyone that has followed us over the last few years, you would have noticed a LOT of changes...

  • New team members - Anneka, Greg, Vina, Steven & Joan.
  • A shiny new website built with you in mind.
  • New hammock products and brands.
  • Faster deliveries and easier returns.

Recently these changes have began bearing fruit as we continually set new records and dispatch more and more orders. We love what we do, we don't really sell hammocks we sell happiness. We create moments in the garden, under the stars, in the sunshine, with families. Hammocks are a fantastic thing. 

Anywhooo, the other day Greg chirped up and said something very powerful that got us all listening (yes it was a first)...

"Simply Hammocks, a hammock in every home...."

It was a bold statement but it got us all thinking, why doesn't everyone own a hammock? They should.