A hammock isn't just for summer

"Greg I'm cold"

These are my girlfriends' favourite words come late September when I ask her to join me and my hammock in the woods.

Me being the typical "I’ll fix it" man offered the following options to my beautiful yet cold girlfriend to consider;

Option One.

My favourite, easy option. Put a coat on. Genius? No, inconsiderate it seems!

Option Two.

"Let's take the sleeping bag with us". Just imagine the scene...a quiet sheltered forest, the gentle wind passing across the tops of the trees, the last of the house martins sweeping across the skies above, a nut collecting squirrel scampers up the trunk of the tree our hammock is fixed to, the evening sun twinkling through the leaves onto our now very cosy and welcoming hammock-sleeping bag system.  Add a fire and you are guaranteed two very peaceful and happy humans.

Option Three.

This was easier than I imagined I'll be honest. Hang the hammock in our living room. At first it felt like another of my hair brain ideas but the result was beyond my expectations. Not only does our hammock match our interior perfectly but it doubles as the homes official chill out space.

A little discussion and agreement on placement, a slight shuffle around of the furniture, a bit of drilling into appropriate parts of the wall and with a little help from these Fixings and hey presto, we've turned our living room into a completely different space. 

I came home from a run, my girlfriend has the open fire on, numerous t-lights lit, some Sigur Rós playing and she's laid out flat on our hammock engrossed in her new book. I'm now winning!

And this certainly isn't a permanent disruption to the room either. When my girlfriend was finished chilling out that evening, we simply unhooked the hammock, rolled it up and stored it back in the cupboard.  

We love our new hammock so much that we're now looking at putting a hanging chair in our bedroom too.

Hammocks may have been originally invented for hot climates but they're such an incredible platform for peace and relaxation, why only use them during the summer?

Did you know that we regularly sell hammocks to customers looking to replace their beds!