How about a little hammock history!

Hammocks have been around for centuries, and when we say years, some say over a thousand! Hammocks originate from Central America, when the Mayans and other natives created them out of plants and bark…a lot different to the comfortable fabrics used nowadays! They were invented to keep people off the rodent, dirty, insect riddled floor; to keep warm, these individuals even heated themselves from below with small fires whilst elevated off the ground!

Christopher Columbus and his exploring entourage were apparently the first Europeans to witness these basic but significant hammock structures. Throughout the years after this period of hammock awareness, several fabrics were carried back from world exploration and eventually these soft fabrics were used to develop a new type of hammock.

These hammocks were then used in the English and Spanish Navy as their sleeping arrangements. They were used throughout major historical events such as World War I and II and the Vietnamese War.

Since then, manufacturing has come on leaps and bounds – the finest materials being sourced to ensure maximum comfort and breathable fabrics are ever-evolving! There has been many studies conducted that have linked a better night’s sleep and sleeping in a hammock; the pros certainly outweigh any cons people may have thought of.