Introducing The Fat Hammock

Fat Hammock Amazonas

I love living in the UK if only for the four seasons we get each year. But it does mean that my garden hammock only really gets fully used by my family in summer. I say family, because I still tend to use the hammock all year round. It might be cold but it's nothing a warm cup of tea and blanket can't fix right?!

Until now...

Amazonas have just announced The Fat Hammock, which is a reversible and weatherproof hammock dubbed as being the warmest, most comfortable and cosiest hammock on the planet. It's easy to see why too, the hammock is filled with water-repellent padding which is sure to keep its occupants nice and toasty. 

In the summer you'll have a really comfortable hammock to sleep on and in winter the extra padding should keep the cold away, especially when coupled with a blanket on top -perfect for star spotting then.

Fat Hammock

It's just a shame that they didn't launch it in brighter colours, grey does look very classy but I would love to have seen some reds, greens and blues. They did call it taupe mind you, so it feels a little less grey already!

We have just placed an order for some of the Fat Hammocks and they should be arriving with us in a few weeks. If you want to learn more or reserve a Fat Hammock simply click here.