Don't Forget Your (ToothBrush) Hammock

Toothbrush, check!
Phone charger, check!
Underwear, check!
Hammock, check! 


Yes, you heard (or read) that right, we’re packing a hammock for our trip to India this weekend. No, it’s not to parachute off the plane, although it is made from parachute silk, but if we're taking the necessities why shouldn’t we take our hammocks too

Scott and Greg are visiting India this weekend to develop a new type of hammock and will be taking the lightweight Silk Traveller Hammock which can be packed into a small, easy to carry sack. It's super lightweight (less than 400g or a can of Tesco Chickpeas) yet sturdy enough to withstand at least 150g and when coupled with the Micro Ropes, it makes the perfect set up.

Who knows when they'll use it, but we are sure they will be glad to have it when that moment arises to stop and take in India - que photos of pasty British legs dangling from hammocks...