Find your perfect hammock tool!


Choosing a hammock can be a very hard and time consuming decision, especially when you are eager to relax in one! 

There are so many different shapes and styles of hammock, a ‘mocker novice may be overwhelmed at the range we have on offer at Simply Hammocks, but need not fear – we have the perfect tool for you to use (look top left), and with a few simple clicks, emphasising your preferences, our magical site will narrow your search down to the perfect hammock selection for you to peruse!

It is an important decision, choosing the right hammock for a number of reasons. The first reason being that with the majority of us living in the dreary UK, we are not fortunate enough to have warm, sunny weather all the time like lovely tropical paradises around the world do, therefore a hammock outside may start to become neglected and unloved. Luckily though, most of our outdoor hammocks are weatherproof and can be folded away and stored inside if the weather does take a turn, but remember to embrace that odd Tuesday we have a glimmer of sun and rock away!

Indoor hammocks are gaining more popularity as they can be used whatever the weather, inside the comfort of your own home! Hanging from your ceiling (we beg, please attach correctly, preferably fixed to a strong beam, otherwise…OWCH, sore backside and OOPS bye-bye ceiling; not a good combo!)

It is important to choose a hammock that will be actively used, you don’t want to waste your money after all; whether it’s a lightweight one that you can take on adventures and attach to trees for an afternoon break or whether you want a showstopper fixed hanging swing chair situated in your garden or living room to show your friends and family – as we say, there are so many versions that can be used in a range of settings – using our tool can really help!