Hammock Christmas gift guide...

Christmas can be super stressful, with lists upon lists of people to buy for and things to do. Logistics of kids at nativities, families to organise, travel plans to make, food to buy, so we thought we would make it simple… Here are our top 5 hammock gift ideas for this Christmas, handed to you on a plate, and we promise, whoever is getting it will love it!

Amazonas - Aruba Cayenne Hammock - £57.10

1) Without doubt, one of our best selling hammocks. Bright, cheery, and on a reasonable budget, there is every reason your loved one would love this under the tree this Christmas.

Amazonas – Palacio Natura Hammock - £175.10

2) For those super chic, style icons in your life, this dreamy, romantic, and downright enormous hammock will be perfect for them. It looks beautiful indoor or outdoor, piled with cushions, blankets and fairy lights… boho chic at its finest!

Amazonas – Star Juniper Hammock Set – £249.10

3) For those of you who are wanting a hammock set, this is the answer you are looking for! With it’s beautiful sleek design, the wooden stand is sturdy, and beautiful. What’s Christmas day without assembly instructions!

Amazonas – Brasilia Rainbow Hammock Chair - £87.10

4) For those wanting to chill, but with a smaller space to utilise, a hammock chair is perfect. We have one of these rainbow hammock chairs in the office, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Huge, and brightly coloured, they look great in a children’s bedroom too, perfect for a reading corner.

Amazonas – Adventure Ultra-Light Hammock - £62.10

5) How do you give the gift of adventure? For those who have a severe case of wanderlust, or who have a gap year or backpacking holiday planned, our travel hammocks could not be better suited to the job. Though they be but small, they are mighty! Made of parachute silk and super lightweight, coupled with our micro ropes, they make the perfect travel companion.

If all else fails, and you really cannot choose… (or if you leave it to the last minute) go for a Gift Card. They will be available right up until about 3pm on Christmas Eve… so we well and truly have you covered!