Hammock Prices - does price make a difference?

We have all seen exorbitant purchases publicised on social media; a £2,000 burger, a £1,000 ice cream Sundae, £250,000 for a pair of jeans – it is enough to make anyone dizzy; not with the taste and look of these lavish foods and clothing but with the staggering price of these items!

Hammocks are not an exception to this, have you heard of the $35,000.00 Hammock named the Petiole Hammock? Here at Simply HQ, we were naturally intrigued – what could this hammock have to warrant such a cost? Lets just say, after trawling the internet to justify such an excessive price tag, it still doesn't seem worth it!

Does price make a difference in a hammock?

We would like to think of ourselves as fairly reasonable buyers, weighing up the pros and cons of a purchase before splurging; seriously, why break the bank in buying something expensive when you can get the same quality at a much lower price?

For hammocks, we would, like the majority go for something that can be great for indoors and outdoors, unique in construction, eye-catching and of course something that can withstand the demands of usage. 

But then again…

Of course, you can’t deny that pricier items tend to be more aesthetically pleasing or unique; they are mostly made with choice materials that aren’t that common in the usual hammocks that we see. Like with the Petiole Hammock – from the fabric to the metal that holds the structure up, it is not your usual run of the mill materials.

It all boils down to YOUR choice…

Yes, it’s all up to you. Whether you go for the avant-garde style or the common designs – the choice of what to purchase is up to you. What are you looking for in a hammock? Where do you want to place it? How is your taste when it comes to design – and more importantly, how much can your purse or wallet handle?

So, if you are planning to buy a hammock in the near future, try to look at your options; see which fits your need and your current capacity. 
The main things to consider are comfort, good quality and affordability- three factors that are guaranteed with our hammocks and hanging chairs...go on, take a look!