Hammocks today, Ferrari's tomorrow!

Hammocks are great and to most, seen as an aspirational purchase. We owe a lot of this gravitas to the countless images portrayed in the media advertising expensive holidays, jewellery, perfume and other such items which always seem to feature a hammock in the background. It is less the hammock, but the notion that owning a hammock means you are afforded a luxury we all strive for - more time!

Ferrari is another brand which has created an amazing aspiration for some, and during a recent trip to Italy with my family, my 4-year-old son, in particular, got the Ferrari bug. To help itch this desire we bought him a 1/43 scale version of a Ferrari, which he treasured for the entire trip. However, after some enthusiastic play, he was upset to discover a scratch on the front bonnet!

Most children would have accepted this small imperfection, but not my son, he was keen to put it right and decided that taking it to a Ferrari dealership would be the best place to get it repaired. Not wanting to put any limits on his developing mind, I told him that this sounded like a great idea and once back home we would go to the nearest Ferrari dealership.

Landing back in Manchester, we headed to Ferrari Wilmslow with his toy car in hand. Emerson, my son, walked into the dealership and presented the car to the receptionist stating “my Ferrari has a scratch on it, can you repair it please?”

Now, I did not expect the dealership to do anything, after all, we didn’t purchase the car from them and it's a lot smaller than the actual thing! But, to my son's joy, they offered to help.

To our surprise, the Ferrari Bodyshop repaired the scratch, with Ferrari paint nonetheless and presented my son with an amazing brochure whilst letting him have a picture in one of the cars. It was a fantastic reminder of the power of positive thinking and having an unlimited mindset -something children do so naturally. We are so grateful for the dealership, who put a permanent smile on Emerson’s face and reminded us that anything is possible! Special thanks to Kaia and Louise at Ferrari Stratsone Manchester, who are doing a fantastic job keeping the next generation of future Ferrari owners inspired!

Hammocks today, Ferrari's tomorrow!