Henry's account of working at home

Hi, I am Henry the Head of Marketing at Simply Hammocks. In this blog post I wanted to give an account of my experiences of working from home from March to the beginning of June, due to being on the vulnerable group I wanted to share my experiences with you.

Firstly, I want to say something right from the start. I want to say thank you to my boss. When it was suggested that I should work from home by medical professionals and the Government, I went to my boss and explained because of my heart condition why I needed to work from home. He set me up and got me ready so I can do my job from home. It didn’t take long, and I was ready to rock and roll at home. I hoped I would be back soon, but it took longer for me to get back to my work family.

The thing I will say about working at home is that there are two massive differences you suddenly get used to. You can sleep in every day, and the distance to work is significantly shorter. I normally get to work before 9 so I leave about 8am and arrive at work for 845am. Based on this I get up early most mornings. Now I get up at 8 in the morning have breakfast while setting everything up and no worries about travel times.  I walk a leisurely ten steps to my home office and I’m at work before everyone else.

I do my regular routine and schedule for work. When I take my morning coffee, lunch etc. So from that perspective even though I was working from home, It was just like any other day at work. Some of the other pros of working from home was the family dog. Being with the dog all day was bliss. Another great pro is when it’s the end of the day, you are already home, so straight to working out or a Netflix.

Even though there were many positives with working at home there was a big major downside. The loneliness. Before I go on please let me make it clear. I lived in my parents’ house at the time and was not alone, however, I did feel alone. Sometimes having exceptionally long period of times where I did not talk to or see anyone else does play on your mind. Another fault with working from home was you do miss the office banter and comradery. I did miss seeing my friends at work and having them just on the opposite side of the desk. 

Overall working from home has been a mixture of really good things and really bad. I did enjoy the more leisurely mornings and it is nice to relax and work from home. I got as much work done at home as I do at work, so there were no problems in that area. Overall I feel more people in industries will move to home working but overall I will try and stay in the office.