Here’s why you should try winter hammocking

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a camper? A bit of an explorer in your own right? Then to really set that kind of title in stone you should at least have been winter hammocking, right?

Sadly, a lot of people who enjoy outdoor adventures haven’t, so your first step is to pick up a suitable hammock, then get on board with our four reasons to give it a go:

1. Avoid the hordes of summer
For high-demand outdoors spots with the best perspectives, traffic levels peak in the warmer months. Whilst a bit of warm weather is a welcome guest, knocking elbows with your neighbours crowding the same spot isn’t!

In the winter, you're probably going to be isolated in even the most famous spots so you will end up having that part of nature all to yourself.

2. See nature in a new light
Winter offers an alternate point of view, particularly in territories with a lot of deciduous trees and undergrowth. At the point when leaves drop, new perspectives are uncovered that are generally covered up during the other three seasons.

Winter is also the best time to watch the night sky.

3. If done right, it can be very cozy
There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor planning. With that in mind, even the coldest of nights can be cosy, when you have the right equipment. The advantage of winter hammocking, is you won’t be connected to the cold ground.

4. Light-weight living
The cool temperatures and absence of brush offered by the winter scene make it a perfect time for trekking and exploring. Camping without a hammock will involve bulky tents and equipment. Not so, when you are using a hammock.

Once you have your hammock, you may also want to remember to pack a few extra bits:

  • Pack a travel blanket or sleeping bag
  • Include a comfy camping pillow.
  • Maybe add some thermal layers or long johns.
  • A final tip is definitely to ‘take care of business’ before you get snug in your hammock