Hot off the Press - New products

So our busy bees have been adding loads of new products to the website over the last couple of weeks, and we still have way more to come!

With the dreaded ‘C’ word just around the corner, its good to know that we have a load of new stuff to spark your ideas and find the perfect gift for someone, but more of that to come in our Christmas gifting guide….

For now, let me talk you through a couple of our favourites;

The Cacoon’s are back! Last year they proved to be a big success, so this year we have more colours to choose from, and doors to match, just so they can completely close, think cushions, blankets and fairy lights strung from the roof, a cosy den to be proud of!

Another jaw dropper that we have to offer you is the super cool Denim chair. For a teenage hangout, in fact, for any hangout this is perfect. It also has a built-in jean pocket to keep your phone/tablet/book safe, as well as a purpose-built footrest, I mean, we literally have everything covered here!

A personal favourite of mine is the  Flora Zebra hammock. If you are more of a neutral colour fan like myself this is a beautiful hammock. The attention to detail on the woven material and the plaiting of the ropes are second to none, coupled with the large 200kg load capacity, what isn’t to love!

The next one is still under wraps for now, but, it is by far, the out and out office favourite - Tentsile hammock tents. For the intrepid explorer, or for someone who wants a portable treehouse, this is the hammock for you (think tent that floats!). With three points of suspension, they create more of a platform than a conventional hammock, but one you can take anywhere. This is camping on a whole other level!

Have a look at our ‘New For 2018’ items here. We cannot wait to see your pictures with them all!

Happy shopping!