Cut your bills and bag yourself a free hammock

Earlier this month it was Cut Your Costs Day (Jan 11th 2020) and we connected with this as a small business. We’re always looking at ways to operate in a leaner and cleaner way, after all, living with simplicity is the key to happiness. On a personal level, saving a few extra pennies each month can add up and make a big difference.

Cut your costs day is focused on helping people save money on there heating and electrical bills, so they can use the money they save to buy something that makes them happy and that they will enjoy. Such as a nice meal out with the family, some money to go towards a family holiday or even a hammock

It was first established by the CEEA, (Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance). Some recommendations from the CEEA including using a smart meter to bring greater awareness to how much you are using on a daily basis. We are booked in with our local energy provider for an upgrade to a smart meter later this month.

Another key source of increased energy bills this time of year is heat loss. Remember to close doors, turn off radiators in unused rooms and blocking drafts will go a long way to saving you money. We have just had Perspex fitted to all of our office windows, which has made a huge difference to the residual heat in the office, which was escaping through the old windows in our listed head office.

Another thing that could be costing you money is old electrical appliances, which are not as energy efficient. We have just upgraded our boiler and the difference has been remarkable. Not only is the space warmer, but our bills are nearly 2/3rd less.

So, take the time to sit down and think about where you are spending money this year. Then, ask yourself if you could save money on that item? Sometimes, moving to a new supplier can have an immediate effect. But, with every penny saved, you can put it towards something that will bring you greater happiness. Yes, second plug, like a hammock!