It's International Hammock Day!

 International Hammock Day!

Forget about your birthday. Forget about Christmas. Who cares about anniversaries, or public holidays!

Today is without doubt the best day in the World calendar… It is International Hammock Day!!!!!!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Last year we strung up a load of hammocks around our home town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, and this year, we have been so busy developing new stuff, that we totally forgot to celebrate!

However… needless to say, we managed to scrape a plan together at the last minute, and all piled in our hammocks at the office and had our Monday morning meeting in a very chilled out fashion!

So how will you be celebrating today? Whether a hammock chair, a spreader bar, a classic, or a travel hammock, we hope you manage to take five minutes for yourself to enjoy the very best of days… World Hammock Day!

Hip Hip Hooray!