Oh wow I love my hammock

I don't think there's another sensation like it.  The blissful feeling of allowing my body to drop gently onto that soft handmade tort cotton fabric, feeling my muscles and joints settle and relax -it's on a par to climbing into a refreshing warm bath (we all now how good that feels right?).

Once in, (the hammock not the bath!) I allow the rocking action I created from climbing in naturally to continue.  Instantly, for me anyway, I feel heavily relaxed and on occasions have fallen to sleep within minutes. 

Time is precious to us all.  Time in my hammock is vital to me.  It's me time.  A time to be grateful for my body and allow it to receive rest. 

My hammock is always begging me to relax in it.  It sways gently in the wind alone looking empty until I nestle in it and make it complete.

Cosy.  I love feeling cosy.  That's exactly how I feel when the hammock fabric forms two snug walls alongside my body and face.  I'm peeping out through the gaps above as the trees sway and the blue sky peers back in at me.  If there is anyone around they can see me but I can't see them, I'm pretending to hide like I did as a child. 
I love my hammock.  

Greg - Simply Hammocks