Our Q&A India Diary 2017.........

Last month Scott and Greg packed a suitcase and headed to India in search of hammocks. Here's what they got up too...

Why did you go to India?

Last year Greg came up with a fantastic idea to improve the humble hammock. We decided that India would be the best country to develop it so we booked our tickets and the rest is history.

Why did you not go to China or South America to manufacture the hammock?
We found a fantastic manufacturer in Colombia but unfortunately the country was in civil unrest at the time so it was advised, by the manufacturer, that we shouldn't go. 

China certainly offered the best time but we didn't want to compromise quality.

What did you pack?
- Acer R11 chromebook (quick and light).
- iPhone 6s with roaming.
- Samsung XE-1, filters and node mic.
- Amazonas Silk Travel Hammock with Microropes.
- The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
- Yorkshire tea bags.
- Belkin 2000.
- Lots of suncream, insect repellent and business cards!

What were your first impressions of India?
Crazy drivers! We arrived at 3am and jumped straight into a taxi to our hotel. Despite the roads being almost empty our taxi driver still proceeded to drive in the centre of the road and beep at every car he passed. 

How did the hammock manufacturer meetings go?
We met a lot of manufacturers but knew before going that one was going to stand out and we were not disappointed. In fact, they have won the contract to develop our new invention and we feel like they will do the best job.

The other meetings didn't go as well, especially one manufacturer that arrived with some
very smelly hammock samples. 

When can we expect to see this illusive invention?
We are hoping  to commence production at the end of March, it should then be heading to the UK by April and hit our website before May.

What was your favourite day?
The best day was when we had 3 hammock meetings outside our villa on the beach. Setting up hammock samples against actual palm trees was surreal. We then got invited to go fishing with a local who didn't speak a word of English. We didn't catch anything worth keeping but left with memories we will never forget.

Is it true they eat curry for breakfast in India?
Many of the big hotels chains cater for Western tastes but when you move away from the mainstream you'll find most Indian breakfasts start with a curry. At first our stomachs turned at the thought, but Greg has now decided to have curry for his breakfast once a week because it is too good to ignore.  I think I'll stick to my Weetabix.

What do you love about India?
The scenery, culture and food are all at the tip of our tongues, but one thing outweighs them all - the people. They were so welcoming, humble and generous. Never have we been invited to dinner with so many strangers. The UK could learn a lot from India and the way they treat one another.