The Cacoon - most popular gift of 2017!

With the holidays done, and the Christmas rush eventually settled down - it was time to evaluate how our hammocks fared with the Christmas shoppers. Surprisingly, the Cacoon hammock made the top of the list.

While the number of sales was able to prove this, it brings to mind this question –

“What made Cacoon the gift of choice last year?”

Fashioned like a tee-pee, it is one of our interesting products. I mean, a hammock IS a hammock; anyone can clearly picture a hammock in their mind. So why would anyone prefer a swinging tee-pee like contraption over something as familiar as a hammock?

Beautifully unique

With a Cacoon, you are buying something that is beautiful and unique. Hang it by the porch or in your room, it makes for an interesting piece. Available in vibrant colours, it is aesthetically pleasing to the

Can I fit in there? Can we BOTH fit in?

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions asked when it comes to Cacoon. To anyone seeing the Cacoon – and how it was designed, it is highly likely this is the question that will come up. But to answer that question is YES! With the Cacoon Double, you can fit with someone or your little ones for that perfect snuggle moment. It can accommodate up to 200kg in load capacity, you will forget all about gravity when you are in one!

Perfect for Indoors AND Outdoors!

It’s versatile. The material of the Cacoon is both sturdy and comfortable. It has been treated to withstand UV rays, is water repellent, and here’s the kicker – it has been treated to be anti-mould and anti-bacteria! So it doesn’t matter if you want to be indoors or be out in the fresh air, your Cacoon has been treated for both. So there’s not much left to think of but to find a perfect place to hand your Cacoon.

Let’s tally it up

It’s pretty, unique, can fit multiple persons/children, perfect for indoors and outdoors – that just about sums up the reasons why the Cacoon was so popular last year.

When it comes to gifting – either someone in the family, a close friend or a someone special, we all want to give them something that will remind them of us and we can be sure that they will enjoy. The Cacoon fits that bill – and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Cacoon has become so popular.

Most importantly, you don’t need to wait for another Christmas to get one and enjoy the Cacoon – just simply head on over to Simply Hammocks, search or browse through and you can have your Cacoon the very next day!